Pay Dues

Our dues are $500 in January and $500 in July.

Sending a check for your dues avoids the $18 fee for credit card processing.

     Mail the check to:

            Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise; P.O. Box 5586; Naperville, IL   60567-5586

A. Create a paypal account and add your credit card.  

     Or if you want to add a checking account to fund your payments, see:  How to add your bank Account to your Paypal

B. Login to your existing account with a browser or a phone app.

C. Choose:   Send and request,     Send (money),    type:      then click continue.

D.   Type what the payment is for:  (Sunrise Dues for your name)

E.  Type the name for who you are sending money: (Srini Namasivayam).       Then click Continue

There will be some confirmation screens you must process.  Then you will see a page that confirms that your money has been sent.