Tikondane Clean Water and Education Project

The Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise has a focus on providing clean drinking water to communities in need. The magnitude of the health problems that can be directly attributed to the lack of clean water in parts of the world is almost beyond comprehension.

In the forefront of these problems are chronic malnutrition and diarrhea, both of which contribute to stunted growth, poor attendance and performance in school age children and high rates of infant mortality. Clean water will allow the children and any person with a compromised health system to survive intestinal diseases and infections caused by contaminated water. It is estimated that a child dies every 15 seconds from contaminated water and poor sanitation.

Below are some photos of the water wells and school construction at the Tikondane Community Center, Zambia, South Africa. It is wonderful to know that fresh water is available and that education is being fostered.

Tikondane Photos

Tikodone Community Center Web Site: http://www.tikondane.org/